The fourth annual Women Sound Off Festival (WSO) was recently just announced proving to one-up itself year after year. Formally known as Women in Music, WSO is a full weekend experience taking place April 3-5 empowering Bay Area women to connect and learn from like-minded visionaries, creatives and entrepreneurs.

This year’s festival will feature 30-plus speakers all ready to dish on wellness and career tips we all strive to hear day-to-day. Their official website states, “Women Sound Off Festival is a place to renew your ambition, meet like-minded go getters and connect with people in real life.”

The three-day festival consists of a welcoming mixer, one-day summit, a celebratory dance party and an “Eat Shop Talk Market” setup to support your local women-ran businesses. Notable panelists include Salome Asega (artist and researcher), Athena Koumis (Music Partnernships Manager @ Twitch), Amina El Kabbany (multimedia art alchemist), and Anna Bulbrook (Founder @ Girlschool).

Tickets for one-day or multiple days are now on sale via their website.