The Balanced Breakfast Summit returns to PianoFight in San Francisco on Saturday, February 22 for a full day of music industry discussion and technical know-how.

With panels including “Leveraging Technology and Tools,” “The Future of Music Discovery,” and “Treating it Like a Business,” the Balanced Breakfast Summit offers a wide array of gateways into and through the modern music industry.

Panelists include Bay Area musicians, concert promoters, lawyers, tax accountants (ooh!), and keynote speakers Broke-Ass Stuart‘s Stuart Schuffman and ALT 105.3’s & Popscene’s Aaron Axelsen. Now in its third year, the summit promises to be a both a networking and learning opportunity for all attendees.

Beginning at 10:30am and extending until 5pm, the BB Summit also features a pre-party at PianoFight on Friday February 21 and live music after the event itself. $49 tickets are available now, then they bop up to $59 day-of. Check out the full schedule here, and a gallery of the speakers is below.

Balanced Breakfast Summit
Pianofight, SF
February 22, 2019
10:30am, $49