Today Oakland-based Mark Allen-Piccolo released single “Soledad” off his forthcoming (and finely-named) sophomore album Word of the Day (BotCave Records). Co-produced by Nate Brenner (Tune-Yards, Naytronix), the album is full of vocal-forward gentleness and serenading finger-picking.

Allen-Piccolo connected with The Bay Bridged to share a little about the song. He tells us it’s about two people in a relationship (romantic or otherwise) who “…no longer know how to talk to one another; no longer know how to say what they want from the other. Despite this, there remains a strong desire for one another…I felt almost embarrassed singing the chorus ‘I still want you; I do still want you.’ It seemed so direct and personal. I usually try to obscure the meanings of lyrics, but in this case, I think it is a simple message that most people (who’ve had a broken heart) can relate to.” What we’re particularly taken with are the ending lines and sonic build up: “Tell me that you love someone…” The lyrics are hard to describe without their accompanying visuals so we’ll leave the listening up to you. Hold tight ‘til May 1 for the full album release; check the pre-release here and enjoy the song’s accompanying video.