The grungy Pom Pom Squad are making their West Coast debut, co-headlining with Rosie Tucker at Bottom of the Hill as a part of the 2020 Noise Pop Music & Arts Festival in San Francisco. Bringing stereotypical New Yorker surliness to their sound, lead singer Mia Berrin alternates scoffs and wry grins through her lyrics. Their sound is in stark opposition to their cheerleader-inspired visual aesthetic, which serves to highlight the power in femininity while simultaneously critiquing the restrictiveness which comes part and parcel. Dubbed “quiet grrrl” punks, the band’s lyrics focus on both inter- and intrapersonal relationships, brashly attacking toxicity and angst in whatever form they presents themselves.

Pom Pom Squad’s Pitchfork-acclaimed EP Ow (2019), a title which is either snarky or understated depending on which song you listened to last, was followed up with the release of a cover of FKA Twigs’s “Cellophane,” released this January. Ow marks an evolution into a more lush, filled out sound over their earlier lo-fi work. On “Heavy Heavy,” the second track on the EP, Berrin spits out “I’m feeling empty/fuck the MTA/I always miss my train,” capturing the fundamentally insipid nature of frustration in a big city.

I can say with confidence that though this is the first West Coast date that Pom Pom Squad has under their belt, it won’t be the last. Their sound is infectious, addictive and demands the attention of the listener. It’s the type of music that makes the listener feel clever by proxy — that even through mere auditory exposure, you have become jaded. Not in a sad way, like Brad Pitt after his divorce, but in a keen, I-figured-it-out way, like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

Check below for more details regarding Pom Pom Squad’s February 26th show at Bottom of the Hill.

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Rosie Tucker, Pom Pom Squad
Bottom of the Hill
February 26, 2020
7/7:30pm, $13 advance/$15 door