We’re stoked to present the latest from Sour Widows, the Oakland-based shoegaze dreamboats. “Tommy” hit the waves on January 31, ahead of the band’s forthcoming self-titled EP (out February 28). The video features a few of Oakland’s iconic spots and some pretty adorable shots of the band members doing things like eating doughnuts, petting kitties and playing gigs. Shout out to that Weezer-reminiscent guitar melodies and that solo.

The band has a lot more in the works this spring. They’ll be starting up their West Coast tour with LA-based Cryogeyser then heading to SXSW to play the Phluff unofficial showcase, as well as Sleezehogs’ unofficial showcase. To learn more about the genesis of Sour Widows, read the interview we did with the band last summer. Keep an ear out for their single, “Open Wide” out on Valentine’s Day, just in time to make you smile.