With the help of SilverCat Sound Labs, groovy synth-pop band Sunset Lines released a flurry of videos last week to accompany a few tracks off their upcoming album, including one for “Smoke Signals” which premiered with The Bay Bridged last June. The most recent video, for the new track “Unresponsive,” dropped in tandem with an intimate but packed show in San Francisco. Filmed and recorded live at The Complex, the recording space is comfortably cluttered and evokes a home-like quality, serving to underscore the straightforward and familiar lyrics.

During the chorus, Liz Brooks, the lead singer, sings plainly about an uncommunicative love interest, eschewing frills or metaphors. With nowhere for the audience to get lost, the refrain of “I thought I’d hear from you by the weekend, I’m typing messages and trying to not hit send” in the chorus is capable of viscerally connecting with the audience, conjuring specific memories of one sided attempts at love. Bassist Scott Smit also shines through on this track, keeping a dancey groove with plenty of rhythmic variations propelling the song forward.

The band is reportedly taking a break from performing to focus on finishing their album before their drummer moves away. “Unresponsive”, along with the other two singles released last week, will all feature on the forthcoming album.

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