Math rock band Floral released the first single off their long-anticipated follow-up to 2015’s The Second Floral EP. The track, to be featured on Floral LP (2020), is a four minute exploration of intricate rhythms and hyper-technical riffs. Featuring production from previous collaborator Jack Shirley, known for his work with Deafheaven and Jeff Rosenstock, the band is able to do quite a bit with minimally overdubbed guitar and drums. If no one told me that there were only two musicians on this project, Nate Sherman and Ty Mayer’s playing could easily be mistaken for a whole ensemble.

Alongside this single, the duo announced a record release show at Bottom of the Hill with guest appearances from Wander, who shared the Bottom of the Hill stage with Floral almost a year ago at Wander’s release show for March, standards and Elaine the Singer. Each of these bands brings their own unique flavor to the already-niche genre math rock, from Wander’s sweeping Post-Rock builds to the aggressively upbeat cuts off of standards’s Friends (2019), to the crunchy discordance of Elaine the Singer. Whether you’ve already explored math rock or you’re new to the genre, Floral’s release show serves as a sampler platter of the more interesting math rock projects from all over California.

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Floral, Wander, standards, Elaine the Singer
Bottom of the Hill
March 6, 2020
8:30pm, $12