Thirteen years after the release of Radical Face’s Ghost in 2007, Ben Cooper (aka Radical Face) has re-released the album with completely new interpretations of the original tracks. Songs like “Welcome Home, Son” (which has been the Nikon theme song for eight years) have bolstered a cult following and have been given a fresh and gentle new breath of life.

We connected with Cooper on his choice to reinterpret the album. He told The Bay Bridged, “The impetus was pretty practical. The rights to that album were returning to me and I could finally reprint the record on my own label. I play a lot of songs from Ghost live all the time, but it had been years since I’d heard the original recordings. Upon review, I was struck by how much they’d changed from touring them for years. Some were like night and day. So I thought a fun update would be to record all those evolutions, and show what live performance does to songs I had never even intended on playing live in the first place.” Radical Face is playing February 1 at August Hall as part of his North American tour.

Radical Face
August Hall
February 1, 2020
8:30pm, $27