(photo: Conner Sorenson

At long last, Oakland’s the Saxophones have hit the waves with a new song and it’s, ah, just what we were hoping it would be. Husband-wife dream duo Alexi Erenkov (vocals, guitar, synth, woodwinds) and Alison Alderdice (drums, vocals) create a soothing and expert blend of warm sexy sax, Erenkov’s resonating vocals and tickling guitar plucks.

The Saxophones are a unique and pleasing blend of jazz, folk and sad indie pop for fans of The Magnetic Fields and dreaminess. The tune has some great storytelling and just wait for that breakdown sax, living up to its name. Vocals are mixed warm and high above a backdrop of melancholy jazz pop. Erenkov says “Lamplighter” is about his attempts to escape anxiety through alcohol and other vices. He says, “While indulging, I often convince myself that I’m on some kind of path to enlightenment, that I’ll find an escape from impermanence and be able to touch the eternal, but all of my hedonistic impulses lead me back to the same reality. And I’m left to face the fact that even the truest love is impermanent…” We’re ready for the full album and some live shows.

The single is hot off the band’s forthcoming sophomore album Eternity Bay, out March 6 on Full Time Hobby.