Ever wonder what Dan Deacon’s real voice actually sounds like? Now is your chance to hear it. The Baltimore musician, typically known for complex and mind-boggling electronics and sound combinations has just completed his first vocal-focused album, Mystic Familiar, out January 31 on Domino Records. Single “Become a Mountain” displays more of Deacon’s voice than we’re used to, accompanied by warm and confident keys surrounded by synthtastic musical vibrations. In the years since 2015’s Glass Riffer, Deacon has scored eight films and performed arrangements of his music with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The album’s shift was influenced by this collaborative work, and by taking a deeper look at himself. He says, “During the 4 years over which I composed the songs that became Mystic Familiar, I began going to therapy and started a meditation practice. I felt raw and vulnerable while making this album, and I wanted the music to reflect that.” Dan Deacon embarks on an expansive North American tour starting end of January and we recommend joining for the ride. He’ll be playing The Fillmore on March 14 and the video for “Become a Mountain” is a nice taste of what’s in store.

Dan Deacon
The Fillmore
March 14, 2020
9 pm, $23

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