Band as astrology signs

Whether you believe in astrology or not, each zodiac symbol is known for birthing a different personality. Similarly to that of astrology, we’ve noticed a personality with each Bay Area band that comes across our desk. Read on to figure out what zodiac sign your favorite Bay Area talents are most like.

Aries: Culture Abuse

Aries are known for their courage, leadership, and being the life of any party. For that reason, punk rock band Culture Abuse is the perfect choice for the first sign. Their punk rock is engaging and fierce, they are unafraid to try new things and venture into new spaces. Culture Abuse is honest about their adversities, such as frontman Dave Kelling‘s cerebral palsy, and still leads the Bay Area and LA’s punk scenes with ease and charisma.

Taurus: Andrew St. James

The first of the Earth signs, those who were born under Taurus enjoy serene landscapes, soothing noises, and soft sounds. For this reason, Andrew St. James is the Bay’s Taurus darling. He takes notes from Young and Garcia, but also has elements of contemporary singer-songwriters like Father John Misty. James’ signature folks soothes not only the ears, but also the soul.

Gemini: Ah Mer Ah Su

Oh, Geminis. They have so many pursuits and dreams that you need two of them in order to get everything done. They’re always going but manage to have a smile on their face through all of the ups and downs. No one knows this better than Ah Mer Ah Su, the multi-instrumentalist, singer, dancer, actor, and activist with strong links to Oakland. She means it when she says she is here to change the world through her art.

Cancer: More Fatter

Cancers are able to seamlessly transition into any environment they’re in. They are highly intelligent and easily pick up on the energies and social queues of the room. The boys of More Fatter found a variety of instruments and decided to pursue a colorful new-wave funk band, and a few years later they’re still jamming and making waves for themselves in the Bay Area music scene. They manage to inhibit whatever space they are in with ease so it’s no wonder how they have continuously captured the hearts of Bay Area and international audiences everywhere.

Leo: Club Night

Club Night(photo: Mariah Tiffany)
Leo the lion truly know they are royalty. They are passionate and vivacious, and they love being the center of attention. Like that of Leo, Oakland’s Club Night is delightfully fearless in their pursuit of indie rock. Each member’s individual influence meshes together and their music need not beg for attention — its contrasts and energy will pull you in and have you dancing before you can ask, “Who is this?”

Virgo: Tia Nomore

Virgos are perfectionists, always trying to improve their skills through practice and diligence. They are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. Tia Nomore encapsulates the Virgo energy. Nomore fought her way through freestyle rap battles and the male-dominated genre to prove she had what it took to be a successful rapper.

Libra: Still Woozy

Libras, like their symbol the scale, are balanced in all things. They strive for harmony and idealize equilibrium within all things of life. Although now a former Bay Area resident, Still Woozy is the master of balance. Woozy mixes acoustic and folk elements to create a brand new, eclectic sound that is nothing short of funky fun.

Scorpio: The Y Axes

Scorpio, although a water sign, are often mistaken for fire signs due to their incredible passion and power. Scorpios drive their power and strength from the psychic, emotional realm. No better band to demonstrate this dichotomy than The Y Axes. The Y Axes remain one of San Francisco’s most energetic bands and perfectly blend dreamy synth-pop and rhythmic rock to create a match made in heaven.

Sagittarius: Westpark

The last of the fire signs, Sagittarius, is on a constant pursuit of more knowledge. No matter what they are trying to pursue, Sagittarius chases their visions with the power and quickness of a flaming arrow. Maybe it’s because Westpark formed at UC Berkeley, but these guys seem to constantly be expanding their music and who they are as individual musicians and as a band. They draw upon all genres within their music, are known to perform various covers throughout their live sets ranking from the Beatles to Alabama Shakes, but their indisputable energy draws the crowd in to let loose — whether that’s by moshing or dancing.

Capricorn: Kowa

Capricorn is the final earth sign in the astrological calendar. They are grounded and navigate both the material and emotional realm with ease. Blessed with an incredible sense of navigation is none other than Napa’s Kowa. Kowa is a duo of two friends that have playing music together since the first grade. The two create soundscapes that range from tropicalia to country and everything in between.

Aquarius: Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts at Phono del Sol 2019, by Ian Young(photo: Ian Young)
The most humanitarian of all the signs, Aquarius is represented by a water bearer, a mystical healer who bestows life upon the land. Like the giving spirit of Aquarius, Boy Scouts seems to be the Bay’s very own humanitarian. Boy Scouts’ music is tender and inviting, but also managed to be honest and striking. It will surely help you when you’re down, but also encourage you to seek out your best version in the long run.

Pisces: Shannon and the Clams

Pisces, the last of the zodiac signs, is constantly torn between fantasy and reality. They are emotional and feel deeply; they have learned from all the other signs — including the heartbreak, the joys, and everything in between. Oakland-based Shannon and the Clams encompasses the Pisces spirit. Their ‘50s-inspired doo-wop reminds us of a different time, but they remain contemporary with their punk and pop influences. The Clams manage to be vulnerable and honest, but they never lose their fun, just like our dearest Pisces.