The Seshen Don't Answer

Bay Area six-piece the Seshen step out of their comfort zone with “Don’t Answer,” a beautiful and serene new track from their album CYAN, out February 28. Featuring string arrangements from Bay Area violinist Anton Patzner, “Don’t Answer” eschews the band’s large-scale electronic grooves, opting for a quiet and melancholy arrangement instead.

The video, directed by Dominic Mercurio and also released this week, is a gorgeous and complementary companion piece to the song — placing vocalist/lyricist Lalin St. Juste on a grayscale beach with a small group of dancers and understated, moving choreography.

“I think this song is an unintentional nod to both Nick Drake and Arthur Verocai.” says bassist and producer Akiyoshi Ehara. “I’ve been in love with Nick Drake since I was in high school and Lalin and I spent a lot of the last couple of years listening to Brazilian records on road trips, marveling at the rhythms and string arrangements.”

St. Juste took to self-examination with this new record, sifting through depression and disillusionment as a method of healing and resistance: “This album is about pulling back the layers of who I am in order to push through sadness and grab onto what’s underneath. Now I’m learning to be unapologetically Black, unapologetically queer, unapologetically a woman. Unapologetically myself,” she says.

CYAN is out February 28. Until then, enjoy “Don’t Answer” and CYAN’s first single “Dive”.