deCollageAt work in the Botcave studio.

In April 2019 Naytronix frontman Nate Brenner (Oakland’s famed tUnE-yArDs bassist and Botcave Records co-founder), paired up with Denver-based avant-pop group déCollage to produce a pair of psych-electric singles that feel very much the musical offspring of these two collaborators. We hear the sweet Brenner vocals, Reed Fox’s pleasing voice and signature Naytronix drum twists paired with grunge-kissed synths and keys from outer space.

“We met at Treefort in 2016, where we shared a showcase,” says Brenner about how the collaboration came to be. “And one of the guys from the group texted me after and was like, wanna hang?” One thing led to another, they kept in touch, and eventually déCollage asked Brenner to produce their next album.

When they showed up at the Botcave studio, déCollage had nothing written yet. “So we started from scratch,” Brenner says. The song writing effort quickly became a group activity and rather than just produce the album, Brenner played role of co-writer and collaborator. He was really impressed with how fluidly things came together. Naytronix x déCollage’s first single, “U.R.theoneichoose,” was written at Botcave on day two of the Naytronix-déCollage three-day recording session.

Someone would start a beat, there’d be twenty minutes of improvising, and at some point the guys would sit down with notebooks and put lyrics to paper. Brenner talked about the creation of their first single, “U.R.theoneichoose,” and how the group of four was able to write the song together. “We thought, okay, what’s the easiest, best thing to write about? Love, right?…I think the song means something different for each of us.” The sound is new and exciting for DéCollage, whose vibrant mixes and melodies often blend with hip hop moments, drippy vocals and political commentary.

The collaborators’ first single is being released this day, January 7, as Naytronix x déCollage on what they’re calling MoonBot Records: the blending of BotCave Records, and Moon Magnet, déCollage’s own label. The fused group will be releasing another single in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. Naytronix x déCollage is Reed Fox (Vocals, synths, tracking, mixing, mastering), Ben Weirich (synths, piano, drums, mixing), Kris Becker (synths, drum machines) and Nate Brenner (vocals, bass, synths, production). The accompanying lyrical video is directed by HANK N TANK.