Those Throwin’ Bo’s folks are at it again, plunking down some of our favorite musicians and getting them all in the same room. And what better place to see a solid local show than Oakland’s Eli’s Mile High Club? A fellow to keep your eye on is one Andy Bender, whose online presence is a bit of a mystery outside of Spotify and the still shot video of this amazing dog with a banana on its head. Song “The Dark” is one for the slide guitar nerds out there and his full catalogue has a bit of a Daniel Johnston meets Buffalo Springfield and Crosby thing going that I’d like to officially endorse.

Also on the bill are Babewatch! Look out, these guys haven’t played a show in over two years and they’ve got some tricks and treats up their sleeves. They’ve got a surfy post-punk-pop vibe that fits well with what Eli’s likes to throw down. Is that too many genres for you? Too bad. They’re sure to bring the energy so no coffee for you tonight, just sidle up to the stage.

Speaking of energy, Oakland’s Shutups are taking the stage with some tunes they put out last year off their latest album, Every Day I’m Less Zen. Feel that right now. And last but certainly not least, San Francisco’s Eli’s Mile High Club
January 10, 2020
9pm, $7 (21+)