Die Hard

Look, I know the “Die Hard is a Christmas movie” debate is officially dead by this year (but, like, it is a Christmas movie). But can we all still agree to appreciate it as a movie, independent of the time of year? It’s kinda kooky. It’s definitely campy. Not everything has to be art, and Die Hard exists as just a fun piece of cinema.

And because it’s December and the big-box stores have started rolling out the red and green, you have a chance to see Die Hard like you have (probably) never seen it before: on the big screen. Accompanied by themed drinks and some DJ work by Chad Salty, this music-and-a-movie mash-up is just what you need to send you into yet another holiday where you will likely have to make nice with people who annoy you for a few hours.

Everything Ecstatic + Analog Time Machine Presents: Die Hard
The Roxie Theater
December 12, 2019
8:30pm, $15