Since 2016, Ian McKee has been the mind behind some of our favorite local artists, namely Rexx Life Raj, Caleborate and our very own Beejus. But the Pacifica producer finally emerges into his own through a lush new project called Amina, packed with features from the aforementioned plus P-Lo, YMTK, and Mani Draper.

McKee is cut from the same cloth of producers redefining what the Bay Area sound is. His lush, experimental melodies are attuned with the soul, funk, and pop of the region, backed by a signature bounce to perfectly couch the vocal flair of all his collaborators. But Amina arrives from a personal place. He writes on his Instagram:

Anima – from Latin “mind, soul” Is a term used by Carl Jung (psychiatrist) to describe the divine feminine within us all/the part of the psyche that’s directed inward, and is in touch with the subconscious. I used this concept as inspiration while crafting this music as a way to relate to art and the creative process in a loving, open and free-flowing way, as opposed to the masculine, brute-force and ego drives that often creep in and taint creativity or keep us creating for the wrong reasons. Throughout these 7 tracks I take you on a journey of sonic experimentation and storytelling that is unlike anything I’ve done to date.

Check out Amina below.