Bay Area-based Kowa has one main objective: to make you move. This lively duo is comprised of longtime friends, Robinson Kuntz and Peter Davies, who began making music together while growing up in the city of Napa. The two have collaborated on past musical projects: the Buttercream Gang and Glial Cell, discovering creative kismet in buoyant electro-pop tunes sprinkled with playful lyrics.

With Kowa, Kuntz and Davies find their sweet spot in layering numerous instruments over programmed drums to build a carefree, yet resonant sound that’s easy to glide to. The pair recently introduced a new single “Thumbs Up” from their first release, an EP titled Constant Content, debuted this past June. The tropical synth-pop sounds of Constant Content are celebratory and colorfully invoke a juicy island vibe.

Listen to “Thumbs Up” below and stay tuned for Kowa’s upcoming Bay Area shows.