We’re always interested in artists whose collaboration with the music industry goes beyond the realm of typical. Artist Megan Badilla has had her hands in a lot of different projects in the Bay Area and we had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with her.

Badilla is a California-raised (shout out to Salinas!) and USF-educated lady who has lived in San Francisco the past several years. She feels very enamored with the music and arts scene here, and it shows through the many connections she’s made throughout the music and arts world.

We chatted about the types of work she most enjoys creating, the different ways in which she creates art for bands, and how her bubbly personality comes out in her style.

The Bay Bridged: I can’t help but notice that you’ve got such a fun and bubbly, happy personality. Your Instagram posts have hilarious comments that are just, goofy. But it works, and now that I’ve met you I see — that’s just you!

Megan Badilla: Sometimes I’ll see captions that are really beautiful and hit me and I think, ‘Aw I want to try that!’ And I end up writing something really silly. A little sassy and sarcastic.

TBB: Do you have any interest in pairing people that can’t draw but have stories?

MB: Absolutely! I’d be so interested in that. I was looking into working with someone who has a children’s book written… I’d love to work on something like that.

TBB: What’s one of your favorite things to make?

MB: I love making things that people can use. Ceramics, clothes, stickers…I’m still trying to figure out my ultimate goal of what I want to create. Right now the goal is really a little bit of everything.

TBB: Speaking of clothing, I see you’ve made some apparel for Father/Daughter Records. How’d you get involved with them?

MB: Yeah! So a friend of mine works there and he emailed me one day and said ‘Hey, we’re doing our seasonal, or fall sweatshirt.’ And he said ‘OK, here’s the idea: we want someone listening to a Walkman wearing the past season’s Father/Daughter sweatshirt with the logo; it’s really meta, but we really wanna do it and want it a little extra.’ But the prompt beyond that I could do whatever I want.

TBB: What about this poster you did for the She’s? It’s adorable! And they’re such a great band.

MB: Yeah! So they’re friends of mine and they were going on this European tour this year and asked if I would make their tour poster and I was like ‘Uh, yeah? I love the She’s?’ I wanted to do something super fun, going along that like, #hotgirlsummer

[theme]. Make it fun and light, like everyone’s dancing. So yeah! I just wanted it to be fun in the sun. And I decided to hand draw it, too.

TBB: Why hand draw this one versus digital others?

MB: For something so big, and I knew it was going to need edits — because the tour dates change all the time — I thought, well this is kind of a risk but I’m doing it! And I’m so glad I did. I think whenever you hand-draw something it’s so much easier to get the detail. People think that it’s easier digitally because you can just erase things, but the quality of line is just so different. Any chance I get to hand-draw something, it’s much more satisfying. Gratifying. And for the She’s we made t-shirts from it as well, which was awesome!

TBB: OK, so one more cool thing you’re involved in — one of many! — you have a radio show, yes? And you’ve done some work with BFF.fm (Best Frequencies Forever), for Besties. Tell us more!

MB: So, Erika Delgado works with BFF and she puts on this amazing showcase called Besties Bash, which is a monthly show that she books. It’s like, three to four bands that will play in the BFF.fm studio. It’s such a fun, unique opportunity; it’s this amazing space. It’s like a treehouse, it’s so crazy and a fun space to be in. And they have an arcade across the way that you can play in.

TBB: What’s with the clowns?

MB: Erika really loves clowns. And she was like ‘Hey, we’d love for you to table at our events but can you also do the posters for it? I want clowns.’ And I was like, ‘I love clowns! Yes, let’s do it!’ She just loves clowns and thinks they’re super fun. I feel like there’s a bad rap for clowns right now and I think she’s trying to reverse that a little bit. And I support that mission.

Megan Badilla is a fabulous person to work with, a fun and unique illustrator, and she’s always up for unique and funky commissions. She teaches at Root Division, and as she tells her students, “Don’t be afraid to just go full throttle. Just dive in and try anything in illustration.” Full throttle ahead, girl.