Elliot Slamet refuses to be boxed in. We’ve covered Slamet’s work on this blog before as EyyELL, one-half of Lord Morgan, but now the San Jose producer is starting to come into his own as an independent artist. Under the moniker Theaux Elliot (pronounced Theo ehhL-yuht), Slamet is slowly inching his way into songwriter territory — armed with the musical chops to not just produce, Theaux is also capable of molding sound into genre-crossing, fully realized songs that can only happen with a curious, but well-trained and tasteful ear.

And a prime example of this new Theaux is his latest track, premiering today, “CANTKEEPUP”. Slamet translates his propensity for high-polished whaps into this luscious pop-R&B song featuring vocalists Jayem and Maylia. The two are caught up in a classic tale of ‘right place, wrong time’ — and with some co-producing help from 327, Theaux coats his crystal clear 808s with shiny, delicate melodies to give “CANTKEEPUP” a dance floor-ready sheen. Our guess — this is just the beginning for young Theaux.