Shannon Shaw Winter Wonderland

An abundance of data has emerged recently showing that contract work is starting to catch up to full-time employment as the norm, especially for young adults. If you’re not a contractor or freelancer yourself, you can probably six-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon your way to someone in your personal network who is.

Which means that a lot of us are getting kinda stiffed on things like health insurance, job security, and company-funded holiday parties. If you’re not lucky enough to score an invite to a lavish tech firm blowout this year, procure yourself a ticket to Sleep Talk Winter Wonderland next month with Shannon Shaw, Dick Stusso, and the She’s.

Still riding a wave of glowing critical praise from last year’s Shannon in Nashville, produced with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, Shannon hasn’t left the Clams entirely, but her solo work provides more room to play with sound and stage persona.

She’ll be joined by two other Bay Bridged favorites: the She’s, former rock and roll wunderkinds who are now just plain rock stars, and strummer Dick Stusso. It’s $22, but consider it $22 towards spending the evening with people and bands you actually like, and towards paying it forward: There will be collection barrels in the lobby for the SF Firefighters Toy program.

Shannon Shaw, the She’s, Dick Stusso
Bimbo’s 365 Club
December 5, 2019
7pm, $22 (18+)