B. Hamilton(photo: Luke Judd)

You know how people (namely, Neil Young) used to say “rock and roll will never die”? Yeah, that…seems to have sorta happened. With charts dominated by pop, hip-hop, and R&B, and more and more room being (finally) made for an array of genres right here in the Bay Area, rock and roll ain’t fully dead, but it does, in some ways, seem a little passé at the moment.

But it won’t if B. Hamilton has anything to say about it. In a new single full of heavy riffs from start to finish, “45 and Straight” finds the longtime Oakland band darkly reflecting on a certain population of men now in their midst: middle-aged, trudging through life, and with resentment and pessimism building up inside. The same people that typically say things like “rock and roll will never die,” kinda.

(video by Luke Judd)

The album it’s from, Nothing and Nowhere, sort of continues this theme with songs that explore the passage of time, the torch being passed from boomers to millennials, and inspecting SF’s constant worship of its Summer of Love years.

The record is coming November 12. Tour to follow.