Tino DrimaTino Drima’s Gregory DiMartino

We’re excited to premiere “Do The Damn Thing,” the third single off of Tino Drima‘s new EP Suitin’ Up. Opening with an arpeggiated synthesizer and a listless declaration from frontman Gregory DiMartino, the song quickly settles into a syncopated drum groove, fleshed out by a buoyant bassline, call-and-response vocals, and palm-muted guitars.

It’s a timeless piece of ear candy, and a prime example of what Tino Drima does best — sounding like they draw inspiration from sources as diverse as the 1950s rock and roll of Buddy Holly, the Strokes-esque indie rock of the early 2000s, early ’70s funk and soul.

DiMartino describes the song as coming from a place of “weary resignation,” in which the song’s protagonist is just “throwing any kind of shit at the wall of the soul to see if anything sticks.” Well, given how eclectic and catchy the song is, I’d say A) it ain’t shit and B) it sure is stickin.’

Catch Tino Drima live at Great American Music Hall celebrating their EP release with Spooky Mansion and Zelma Stone on Thursday, October 17.

Spooky Mansion, Tino Drima (EP Release), Zelma Stone
Great American Music Hall
October 17, 2019
8pm, $15