Welcome to the age of the YouTube Sensation.

It seems like more and more of the artists we cover are getting their start on the same service that brought us Keyboard Cat and the “Leave Britney Alone!” guy. Like it or not, social media has cut out the middleman and offered tons of young talent a fair shot at stardom these days.

For example, dodie. Known originally as “dodders5” and “doddleoddle,” she’s been online as a “personality” since she was 12 — which sounds scary if you’re in our core demographic of early ’90s babies, but is actually not that unusual anymore. So even at age 24 she’s already 12 years into a career as a world-renowned musician. Eventually pivoting from ukulele covers of existing songs to original work, her YouTube output helped make a name for her in her home country of the United Kingdom. She’s moved on from the days of covers of Ariana Grande to the very adult single “Human,” which discusses romantic longing in yearning detail. True to the style of someone raised on the Internet, the video knows the value of compelling cinematography and story:

Seems safe to say she will bring some of that show(wo)manship to the Fox on Sunday. Practically straight from the small screen to some of the country’s bigger stages, she’s now touring under her current album, also called Human, and making her way to Oakland. With 1.86 million subscribers to her name, this show should be a big one.

dodie, Adam Melchor
The Fox Theater
October 6, 2019
8pm, $27.50