Country fans unite! This Saturday, Throwin’ Bo’s presents another Milk Bar show that we’re pretty pleased for. Headlining the evening is Andrew Duhon, the Grammy-nominated artist rolling out from New Orleans. This fellow is one of the rare country rock folks that you can’t find on the mainstream country stations with, as Rolling Stone says, a “soulful croon.” He’s a modern country man with solid messages and—unlike some of his modern country brethren—none of that cheesy stuff some of his peers are rockin’ out. He’s solid country rock with a warm rich voice that doesn’t overdo it. The video for “Comin’ Around” has a real pure vibe to accompany the encouraging song that does something a lot of songs struggle to do: they make you feel good without being “feel good,” if you get our drift. Bravo, sir.

Check it out and we’ll look forward to Saturday, with solid killer local acts Andy Bender and Nate Budroe.

Andrew Duhon
The Milk Bar
September 28, 2019