August Hall fall lineup

You know…we were all prepared to write an intro to this piece that capitalized on the changing fall weather. About leaves softly descending from trees, about digging your scarves and closed-toed shoes out from the back of your closet, about the return of Karl.

…Except that’s not what’s happening at all. Temperatures that are typical for summer in every other part of the country finally found their way to the Bay a few weeks ago. It was 100+ degrees in some parts of the Bay this week, and if the last few years are any indication, it’ll be like this until about Halloween.

But you know somewhere you can take refuge? August Hall. In the dark recesses of a concert venue, you can still experience a cool climate and get cozy with a good show. And there are lots of potential people to share your evening with in the coming months: Falamansa and their Brazilian beats in the waning days of September, Neon Indian, Lucy Dacus, and the Regrettes for rock and roll in October, and Miami Horror, our SXSW favorite Prateek Kuhad, and San Fermin in November, which closes out with Aussie Alex Cameron. So grab a cocktail at the bar and warm yourself with the heat of August Hall’s fall calendar.

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