And we have another one from the folks from Text Me camp: An LA excursion with the one-two punch combo of Ricky Lake and Sam Johnson.

“Hotel Figueroa” arrives as a bit of a contrast to other singles off of the soon-to-come mixtape, Group Chat Vol. 2 — the track is breezy and brolic at the same time, an atypical hazy and low-key yin to the the collective’s club-friendly rap yang. We haven’t seen too much of Ricky since he caught our attention with the dark wooziness of his album, The Mother 966. But it seems like hanging out at Different Fur has taken affect in Ricky’s performance and songwriting and seeing him linked with Sam (a bona fide California soulful pop guy that recently won a contest to perform with the band Train on their cruise line) is a refreshing surprise as the two fittingly trade off in “Hotel Figueroa” as a left-field pairing that fits just right.

Song is out Friday, pre-save link here!