Black Belt Eagle Scout by Sarah Cass

Two years ago, Katherine Paul’s debut album as Black Belt Eagle Scout, Mother of my Children, was released. Haunting and simple, the constructs of the songs were designed to cling to the mind. The word “catchy” is too cheap to attach to Paul’s songcraft, but there’s no doubting that her ghostly jangle worms its way into the internal background soundtrack of the listener long after the record has stopped.

So, when I learned Paul was releasing another record so soon after Mother, I was had high hopes.

I was not disappointed. At the Party with My Brown Friends is an amazing work that combines both Paul’s ability to be universally emotive and yet deeply personal at the same time. “Going to the Beach with Hayley” shows off Paul’s ability to make the subdued seem sublime, while “At the Party” is reminiscent of pop heaven cuties Alvvays with a heavier punch of lyrical depth.

Cafe du Nord, the little womb snuggled beneath the Swedish American Hall, is the perfect place to see Paul balance fierceness and fragility. Though her voice could fill stadiums, the intimate nature of Cafe du Nord will provide the proximity that Paul’s music beckons.

Check out Black Belt Eagle Scout’s deliciously quirky My Heart Dreams video here:

lack Belt Eagle Scout
Cafe du Nord 
November 13, 2019
7:30pm, $13 (18+)