The Brankas
It never hurts to begin any piece of writing with a famous and profound quote, so here’s one for you:

“Change is the only constant in life.”

– Heraclitus (Greek philosopher 535 BC – 475 BC)

Tangentially related hyperbole: I’d argue that nowhere in the history of recorded sound is this statement truer than within the music of San Francisco’s the Brankas. And on their new record Safes, you will find yourself constantly unsure of what’s next, but loving every minute of the journey.

The Brankas in studio(photo: Thomas Monsanti)

The Brankas describe themselves as “1st Grade Math Rock.” While this playful one-liner is (with a wink attached to it) certainly true, it also falls short in encapsulating the magnitude of their joyous and frenetic live show. Expect calculated chaos from this two-piece: Theo Slavin’s melodic guitar antics paired with unpredictable samples, Taylor McElroy’s spontaneous drum breaks punctuated by synth freakouts, shouted sing-alongs sideswiped by bewildering drum machine cacophony, and much much more.

Luckily, you can experience it in-person if you act fast. Their album release party is this Wednesday, September 4 with Juicebumps and On Drugs at the Knockout in San Francisco. And enjoy their new record Safes everywhere you enjoy your new records.

Full West Coast/East Coast tour dates listed below:

9/2 San Diego, CA – Tower Bar
9/3 Fresno, CA – House Show #
9/4 San Francisco, CA – The Knockout #
9/5 Chico, CA – 1078 Gallery #
9/6 Portland, OR – Puppy Manor #
9/7 Bellingham, WA – Make.Shift #
9/8 Seattle, WA – Brunchbox #
9/9 Eugene, OR – Luckey’s
9/10 Sacramento, CA – Starlet Room

9/12 Philadelphia, PA – Century $
9/13 Richmond, VA – Lucy Lane $
9/14 Baltimore, MD – Joe Squared $
9/15 East Haven, CT – The Beeracks $
9/16 Boston, MA – Midway Cafe $
9/17 Pawtucket, RI – News Cafe $
9/18 Brooklyn, NY – Rubulad $

“#” w/ On Drugs
“$” w/ Shake the Baby Til The Love Comes Out

The Brankas, Juicebumps, On Drugs
September 4, 2019
The Knockout
9pm, $7 (21+)