Ahead of his forthcoming album, The Sex Issue (MCV Records) Aish just released his new music video for “Joy and Sorrow” and it is a truly captivating piece. The scenery is beautiful, the costumes outstanding, the dance moves lovely. Truly, it’s mesmerizing. The song is produced in true Aish fashion: the room-filling orchestral feel, the tinging bells, the Bowie-vibed vocals and the heat of it all.

Aish is known for big, bold sounds and colors. Last year’s video for “Promise Me,” featuring a bright fluorescent room of digital babies and mothers, was intriguing, but we were even more intrigued by “Joy and Sorrow” and are pleased to debut the music video. Directed by Aish and Oyen Rodriguez. Stay tuned for Aish’s and forthcoming album and dance jam in Oakland on October 5 at The Impact Hub.

BBQ Without Borders: Aish, Diana Gameros, and more
Impact Hub Oakland
October 5, 2019
5pm, $15