Sheer Mag, 'A Distant Call'
Artwork by Robert Beatty

Sheer Mag’s new album A Distant Call hits the stands August 23…and might we suggest starting with “The Killer” if you want a sweet taste? It’s like Thin Lizzy got smacked with the power-pop stick and Tina Halladay took the mic. Distant Call may be the band’s strongest album yet. Tracks have powerful messages, with a heart in rock and roll and some cool melodic moments. Guitar riffs, indeed.

Hello, dolly, they’re coming to The New Parish on the 20th of September and we expect it’ll be a fine show. Remember them killin’ it at Burger Boogaloo? We’ll remind our drummer boy to take it easy on those snares this time. Or, fuck it, not. That was awesome.

Sheer Mag
The New Parish
September 20, 2019
$18, 8pm