Tyler Holmes(photo: Adrian Octavius Walker)

In a situation like this, where we are bringing you a brand-new video from an emerging artist, I would normally say something like “Be on the lookout for Tyler Holmes,” but a) they’ve actually been around for quite some time and b) they’re kind of hard to miss.

The Oakland artist has been producing immersive, expansive art-pop since around 2011, but something about the new EP DEVIL seems like a leveling up. Sagging under the weight of the inescapable sadness of our time, first single “Everything Will Be Destroyed” provides a promising balm for heavy hearts. Today, we’ve got our hands on the spooky “Two Tylers” — the video for which, directed by Berkeley’s Chani Bockwinkel, gives off heavy Midsommar vibes (but a lot less blonde).

DEVIL comes out on August 30, with a release show at Pyramid Records in San Francisco. Come back next week for another new video.