Milk for the Angry

Milk for the Angry’s most popular video so far was an accident. Riffing with a neighbor, they improvised Cleopatra’s “Jumper Cable Jam,” shared it on social media, and were unprepared to find that it generated over 96 thousand likes on Facebook. Somehow there’s even a cover of the song on YouTube.

Will their newest video shot with local videographer, Will Rushton, and premiering here on The Bay Bridged, catch on just like it?

“Snake Eyes” follows a toy snake through the streets and neighborhoods of San Francisco. It’s trying to get somewhere, but where is it going?

Group founder, Dana Lindstrom, says Snake Eyes is a song about a tough year, bad luck, and things going wrong. And like any video shoot, something always goes wrong. This time, a Union Square pigeon got caught in the fishing line used to pull the snake and Dana had to jump in and untangle the bird (which escaped unharmed).