Rocks in Your Head, the new San Francisco record label started by Sonny Smith (Sonny and the Sunsets) just released its second album, Volume 1: Hot Sick Vile and Fun. The collection has a wide range of songs, from the sweet acoustic Gonks’ vocals (title track) to the punky-fun rock of Toyota (track “Why”), to David Novick’s acoustic guitar song, then right into Blue Ocean’s “Love,” a pure and gentle rock song a la Weezer. When Smith put together the collection, he had the people of San Francisco in mind.

As Smith says, “This is a modest selection of the great and weird new art happening in San Francisco now, in this era, that I saw during a small personal odyssey through a San Francisco musical underground that has been flourishing despite a total corporate coup and massive cultural gutting of the city…”

Bless you, sir. Special shout out to Rays’ “California” for making me proud to be a born n raised. Check out the cassette or buy the collection on Bandcamp and stay tuned for the return of the Rocks in Your Head Fest. We demand it!