Jocelyn Enriquez at Undiscovered SF, by Regidor Biala
Jocelyn Enriquez (photo: Regidor Biala)

Hyped by a studio pics challenge on Instagram and a beloved freestyle great hits mix, Undiscovered SF‘s third season opener delivered on its promise and more this past Saturday. The event’s throwback ’90s edition was punctuated with a performance from queen of freestyle Jocelyn Enriquez who performed her classic hits like “I’ve Been Thinking About You” and “Do You Miss Me?” (no “A Little Bit of Ecstacy,” unfortunately) to an exuberant all-ages crowd that included some of her own Bay Area family members.

Dressed in a short, shimmering dress and supported by her producer Elvin Reyes on keys, Enriquez proved she still got it even after a 15-year hiatus from the stage. Dubbed a homecoming performance, Enriquez’s heart could be felt in every note and key, every step she took in line with her backup dancers.

Warming up the crowd before her performance was the Triple Threat DJs (Shortkut, Vinroc, DJ Apollo) performing a freestyle set and island reggae duo, CRSB.