Ah Mer Ah Su(photo: Ryan Molnar)

In 2018, we talked to Ah Mer Ah Su about the theater background that taught her how to turn complex emotions into soaring works of electronic pop. Next week, the Oakland songwriter will get back to her theatrical roots as she debuts new versions of her music for Post:Ballet‘s Incandescent Body.

The internet doesn’t offer many more details on the production besides it having a 40-minute run time and being a “luminous and transcendent cabaret,” but expect a fascinating, transporting vision brought to earth. The show is in collaboration with the Living Earth Show and Calvin Arsenia Scott, with choreography by Vanessa Thiessen and Robert Dekkers.

This isn’t Ah Mer Ah Su’s first collaboration with Post:Ballet: Check out “Coming Home,” a dance video featuring her song “Space,” below.

Coming Home – A Co-Laboratory Film from SF Dance Film Festival on Vimeo.

Incandescent Body
Heron Arts
July 26-27, 2019
8pm/10pm, $35