Wax Roof is an Oakland multi-instrumentalist that has blessed some of the Bay Area’s most treasured records with his simplified, yet soulful vibe. Turning hip-hop and jazz concepts into genre-fluid chords and melodies has been his calling card, plus backing artists like Siri and Michael Sneed Jr. for their live shows. But when he’s not working behind the boards for other artists — like Seattle rapper Dave B’s latest record Bleu — Wax Roof drops his own occasional track, like this week’s “Poseidon”.

Anchored by steady guitar melody and siren-like vocal harmonies, “Poseidon” sounds like a nighttime cruise with your new mermaid-girl through Atlantis. Rexx Life Raj, Jay Prince and Manasseh offer their takes on this newfound, mysterious love with lyrical buoyancy and artfully cruise along even when the track takes a turn for the dancefloor-friendly.

After peeping the track, check out Wax Roof break down the track below.