I first encountered the zine Lobotomy when I was a teenager in Tampa, Florida. Poking out of a stack of papers labeled “Posters and shit $1,” Lobotomy appealed to me for its tagline, “The Brainless Magazine.” Even then — maybe especially then — I was a dork who enjoyed a good play on words. Dave Vanian starred back at me from the cover, and I knew I had to take it home.

What I loved about Lobotomy, Greedy Bastard, Black Market, and other zines were the stories. Sometimes told as features, but more often times having been interwoven within album reviews, the stories gave a little insight into the comfortably grotty world of punk rock.

Now, there’s a chance to hear those stories from the proverbial horses’ mouths. War Stories: Tales of ’70s & ’80s punk mayhem told by the perpetrators themselves is coming to Swedish American Hall. Presented by Pleasant Gehman (tThe Screaming Sirens, the Ringling Sisters) and Theresa Kereakes (Lobotomy Magazine, Punk Turns 30), the event will feature storytellers Peter Case (the Nerves, Plimsouls), Jeff Drake (the Joneses), Chip Kinman (the Dils, Rank & File, Blackbird), and Jane Wiedlin (the Go-Go’s, FroSTed).

Old punks can dust off their leather jackets and bring the kids to this all-ages event.

War Stories: Tales of ’70s-’80s Punk Mayhem
Swedish American Hall
July 19, 2019
8:30 pm, $20