(photo: Maddie Deutsch)

Bobbing‘s Robert Luisi Ross sits on the Thank You For Singing To Me album cover in cartoon form, surrounded by both lush greenery and guitar pedals. This pairing seems disjunctive at first — how is he even going to power that Zvex Fuzz Factory or OCD Overdrive in the woods? But less than a minute after pushing play, it becomes clear that the artwork is on the nose. Affected tones and natural ones coalesce into six beautifully eclectic songs, all woven together with an animated buoyancy.

Formerly of Oakland-by-way-of-Santa-Cruz math-rock band Feed Me Jack, the guitarist has put together a gorgeous and melodically rich EP. In many ways, Thank You For Singing To Me feels like an extension of Ross’ former band — but this record is even more idiosyncratic, full of pleasant left turns and musical surprises.

Groovy rhythms, the occasional blast of guitars, intricate melodies, a few keyboard freak-outs, and a supporting cast that includes former bandmates and collaborators (members of Feed Me Jack, Still Woozy, Steep Ravine) round out these frenzied songs.

We’re not sure who Bobbing is thanking for singing to him, but give him 16 and a half minutes of your time, and you’ll surely thank him for singing to you.