Sunset Lines’s latest single starts with a bang, with lead singer Liz Brooks boldly announcing that she has “big plans to get fucked up.” “Smoke Signals” is a groovy, danceable track — the chilly synths are reminiscent of the robotic sterility of ’80s pop, and are balanced by Brooks’s supremely human voice. Her voice is even and smooth throughout the song, but far from unremarkable. The refrain, a sultry rhetorical question repeated over a staccato synth line, is catchy enough to get even those on the goth end of the synth-pop spectrum moving.

It’s easy to see how a track with this much boogie potential would be an absolute treat to hear live. Lucky for us, along with this single, Sunset Lines is playing a release show for old fans and new converts alike. Check below for details!

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Sunset Lines, Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates
The Makeout Room
June 29, 2019
7pm, $10, 21+