Copyslut(photo: Kristen Wrezeneski)

San Francisco-based band Copyslut are throwing a benefit show in the last few days of Pride month. Proceeds will benefit the Homeless Youth Alliance, a Bay Area charity working closely with the homeless community and providing non-judgemental and harm reduction-oriented support.

Known for their uncompromising lyrics, drama-heavy vocals and strong rock instrumentation, Copyslut has always blended their activism and their art. In addition to their musical offerings, which feature plenty of lyrics about the empowering nature of slutdom, the band also created a zine entitled “Don’t Hate My Heels.” Intended to arm sex workers with resources to fight against a culture that has alienated them, the zine is free for all sex workers and proceeds go towards sex worker-led organizations.

This show announcement comes on the heels of their most recent single “Neon Razberries,” which was released in mid-June. Chatz, the lead singer of Copyslut and contributing writer to “Don’t Hate My Heels,” says “Our deepest intention with this song is to honor the hard work of all edge-walking sluts who are in healthy long-term commitments with lovers, friends, and — most importantly — themselves. Thank you all for lighting up our world like a glowing neon raspberry.” Check below for details on their upcoming show “Sex Work is Gay,” hosted at Cafe Du Nord.

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Copyslut, El Primo Inocente, Kooleidoscope, Salami Rose Joe Louis, and more!
Cafe du Nord
June 29, 2019
8pm, $13 (21+)