Photo: Mariah C. Tiffany

Since 2014, the Gray Area Festival has brought art, music, design and technology together through its immersive conference and experiences at San Francisco’s Grand Theater. 2019 marks the fifth year in a row and this time, the festival brings virtual and augmented reality plus immersive, sensory installations into the fold. The ISM Hexadome, brought from Berlin’s Institute for Sound and Music, coupled with robotic exoskeleton performance Inferno cross-pollinates the analog with the digital for an experience, quite unseen before.

The Gray Area Festival is multi-day event with opportunities to capture their events individually or through an all-inclusive festival pass. Check the festival site for more details.

Gray Area Festival
Grand Theater (2665 Mission Street) and Pier 70
July 25-29, 2019
6pm, $20-$250