Ramonda Hammer, fronted by Devin Davis, are stopping in San Francisco in the lead-up to the release of their debut LP I Never Wanted Company. Ramonda Hammer is well established in the community of women-and-queer-fronted LA bands, and Davis’s own relationships take a center stage on I Never Wanted Company. Specifically, Davis’s first queer relationship and the process of learning is given plenty of attention on “Better View,” one of three singles released in anticipation of I Never Wanted Company.

It feels a little misleading to call Ramonda Hammer punk, despite the fact they have obvious punk influence. Grunge might be a bit more of an accurate label — “Hoax,” another of the three singles, has a ’90s feel with riff-heavy guitar that paves the way for Davis’s shouts. Genres aside, Davis is intimidating on the mic. The melodic and clean quality to her voice does not betray the ferocity she is capable of delivering. At the end of “Hoax,” she screams “No one is coming! No one!” while the guitars feedback and slowly fade out.

There’s a certain drama to Davis’s delivery — it’s the kind of music that makes you imagine you’re next to Davis on the stage, screaming with the same ferocity. If you’re looking for a night full of spirited rock-and-roll, look no further than their upcoming show at Amnesia.

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Ramonda Hammer, Same Girls, Sour Widows
June 29, 2019
9pm, $6 (21+)