Have a Nice Life are bringing their unique sound to the DNA Lounge on July 13th. All the pieces of their compositions are recognizable, seemingly plucked from the post-punk, post-hardcore and indie canon, but coming together they create Have a Nice Life’s greatest strength — atmosphere. Their albums are seemingly buried in darkness, distortion and reverb. The blown-out drums — a mainstay in Have a Nice Life’s work — are reminiscent of the Microphones’s The Glow Pt. II, but instead of being accompanied by gentle folk guitars, Dan Barrett’s pained howling and a symphony of guitars and synths swell behind them.

Surprisingly, despite amassing a cult following on the internet, Have a Nice Life eschews the model that more recent bands have taken to. The duo, comprised of Barrett and Tim Macuga rarely releases new music, even more rarely tours, and the latter of the two has almost no internet presence. Cultivating mystique is certainly in line with their musical aesthetic, and makes their shows extremely enticing to longtime fans. Have a Nice Life’s last tour was in 2010, so anyone intrigued should have this show at the top of their list. After all, who knows when their next stop in the Bay will be?

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Have a Nice Life, Planning for Burial, All Your Sisters, Consumer
The DNA Lounge
July 13th, 2019
6:30pm, $20