Jay Som, the moniker under which musician Melina Duterte releases music, recently announced her new album Anak Ko (2019) and an accompanying fall tour.

The title translates to “my child” in Tagalog, and the album comes in the wake of Duterte’s relocation from Oakland to Los Angeles. However, with vocal and instrumental contributions from many notable Bay Area bands including Taylor Vick from Boy Scouts, it’s clear Duterte has not abandoned the Bay’s music scene. The lead single, “Superbike,” is a dreamy indie pop tune, with sweet and sentimental lyricism by Duterte over a simple and tonally washed-out chord progression. The track is accompanied by a music video shot in a vintage style, documenting quick moments from the recording process of Anak Ko. These muted clips are perfectly complementary to “Superbike,” similarly laden in effects and evoking the same nostalgia as the shoegaze inspired track.

Accompanying Duterte on much of her tour is the aforementioned Oakland band Boy Scouts. Both Duterte and Vick share similar singer-songwriter characteristics, but Vick’s sound is much more DIY and less produced. Many of her tracks feature a single acoustic guitar as the primary instrumentation, allowing her lyrical prowess and voice to take the spotlight. The tour will be stopping in the Bay Area this November — check below for details.

Anak Ko is slated to be released on August 23 via Polyvinyl.

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Jay Som, Boy Scouts, Affectionately
The Fillmore
November 14, 2019
9:00pm, $23