Midwestern acoustic crooner Dan Tedesco is coming into the Bay Area hot on the heels of a weekend scorcher. Touring behind the release of his latest full length album titled American Darkness, Tedesco will headline The Lost Church in San Francisco on Wednesday, June 12. On Thursday, he will be headlining at the Corralitos Cultural Center in Santa Cruz county.

American Darkness is Dan Tedesco’s sixth full-length album in 10 years. In that time, he has been taking note of the post-industrial landscape that is middle America. What better place, either, than a front row seat from Des Moines, Iowa?

On American Darkness, we explore a downtrodden scene of people who refuse to quit. Tedesco sings about the struggles, the highlights, the surreal and the everyday mundane.

On “Backstage,” the second single from the album, Tedesco’s guitar work drives forward hard-hitting imagery. “Aren’t you glad you paid that scalper for this backstage pass?” Tedesco asks, letting the reality of a major let down and shattered illusion fully sink in. The song goes on to hang onto some hope for humanity overall, and shifting the paradigm slightly before re-asking the question.

Dan Tedesco, Vivian Cook
The Lost Church
June 12, 2019
7:30pm, $15 (21+)

Dan Tedesco
Corralitos Cultural Center
June 13, 2019
8pm, $15 (21+)