The Den Brothers

The Den Brothers

San Francisco-based alternative rock and rollers the Den Brothers recently released a new single and their debut music video.

The band is fronted by the brothers Hernandez, Matthew, and Tony, on guitars, vocals, and songwriting duties. The quartet rounds out with drummer Grant Vogenthaler and bassist Paul Oviedo. “Nowhere” is the band’s first-ever music video, and features Oviedo alongside an actress named Sia.

The song was written by Matthew Hernandez. Directing the video was Vicky Han, and it was shot entirely in San Francisco. The idea was for the video to be primarily performance-based, with a hint of story to elevate the lyrics.

The song, according to Tony, is about finding yourself in a habitual situation that you know is not right for you. But somehow you continue to find yourself addicted to that person or habit. Letting go of it is a struggle, despite the obvious harm that it’s causing. The music complements the lyrics by being danceable and catchy.

The four-on-the-floor drum beat and staccato guitar melody give the song a sense of urgency — it’s almost anxiety-inducing, similar to the one that feeling stuck can produce.

Check it out below.

Even though the Den Brothers don’t have any local shows coming up this summer, look forward to the fall.