Boy Scouts

It’s a welcomed sunny afternoon after quite a long rainy spell in Oakland. Plants lining the sidewalks are vibrant shades of peach, purple, and yellow, and as I stroll past succulents, sage, lavender, poppies, and bees, the dreamy folk music in my headphones created one of those this is the perfect music for this moment feelings.

The music is by Boy Scouts, and its quiet guitar blooms louder into heady strumming and quiet keys grow within the tambourine-lined tracks, all rooted by the sweet-voiced frontperson Taylor Vick. I felt like my walk could have lasted all day.

Boy Scouts’ last release, Spiritual Pickle, is the lowest of lo-fis, and we mean that in the best sense. Tracks “Kite” and “My Idiot Brain” are careful and unassuming, recorded on a simple home setup.

We asked Vick if she wants to record her next set of songs in a more produced setup — and if there’s a new album in the works.

“Yes, but that’s all I can say!” she says. We want to know more, so she says simply that good friend and fellow musician Stephen Steinbrink worked with her on the album. “It’s the first time I’ve ever really worked with someone else on my recording efforts,” says Vick.

Boy Scouts have a lot more going on behind the scenes these days. Phono del Sol recently announced that they’ll be playing this year’s festival on June 15, a free festival brought to you by folks at The Bay Bridged and Noise Pop. As if all this news was not enough, Boy Scouts also just announced their first full US tour.

We pried for more information, then settled in on our most curious question: “How would you describe yourself, because your Bandcamp genre just says, ‘golden retriever’?” Vick laughs good-naturedly and confesses, “Yeah I just really love golden retrievers,” adding, “But honestly, I’m down for people to interpret the music as they will. I don’t take it to heart if someone has whatever interpretation they do. I think music is such an intangible, beautiful art form with such a range of emotions and styles.”

So call it lo-fi bedroom folk, electronically-kissed indie rock, or golden retriever, Boy Scouts is a fantastic group and Oakland is proud to have them. Likewise, Phono Del Sol is quite pleased to have them grace the lineup. Along with Vick is a solid bunch of California favorites: Rose Droll, Nik Soelter, and Travis Vick (Taylor Vick’s brother). “We all work really well together,” says Vick, adding of their live shows in particular, “I want them to do whatever they want. I trust them, they’re just such a talented group of people.”

Check out the rest of the Phono Del Sol lineup, and we’ll see you there.

Phono del Sol: Boy Scouts, Chastity Belt, Porches and more
Potrero del Sol Park
June 15, 2019
12pm, FREE