Picture this: It’s the first day of your sophomore year of high school. You wake up in your twin bed and stumble into the shower. Your binder says “school sux” with those funny S’s, and you REALLY hope you get a class with that one person.

The Y Axes’ latest single “Get Away” is probably what’s playing in your earbuds while your parents drive you to school. And even if those years are in the rear view now, it’s never a bad time to revisit them through the power of pop-punk. Alexi Belchere’s vocals are glimmers of moonlight over the crashing waves of her bandmates’ guitars and the eager drumbeats. They’re equally reminiscent of Green Day and Avril Lavigne at the height of her punk phase. It’s like auditory candy — even the distorted guitar sounds like it’s covered in melted sugar.

This single was released in the lead-up to their next LP, No Waves. They’ll be playing a gig at the Uptown on May 17. Whether you’re a proud pop-punk fan, a slightly ashamed pop-punk fan, or no fan of pop-punk at all, give the Y Axes a shot. Their energy is infectious and you might just have fun in spite of yourself.

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The Y Axes, the Trims, Honey Cutt
The Uptown
May 17, 2019
9pm, $8-10