Steve Hauschildt at MUTEK.SF 2019 at 906 World Cultural Center, by Jon Bauer
Steve Hauschildt (photo: Jon Bauer)

MUTEK is a music, arts, and technology festival that takes place in select locations around the world, and this past weekend it made its residence a variety of spots around San Francisco for its 2019 iteration. The festival had a variety of exhibits and musicians, covering such places as the Herbst Theatre, California Academy Of Sciences, and 906 World Cultural Center, and included artists from all over the world such as Steve HauschildtKaitlyn Aurelia SmithMichael Claus, Kelly Moran, and so many, many more that we can hardly list them all here, let alone cover the whole thing.

We did, however, get our photographer Jon Bauer to capture four days of the festival at a variety of locations and with a ton of artists. Check out the gallery below for the coverage and let us know if you were at any of the shows!

Day 1: Michael Claus, Alexandrea Archuleta, Teeyam Mousavi and more.

Day 2: Abandoned Footwear & arc, Smerz, Quarso, Dopplereffekt and more.

Day 3: Steve Hauschildt, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Graintable and more.

Day 4: Nihar & Subset, Hydroplane, CYRNAI and more.