Along with SEEMWAY and Gracie Gray, Ryan Von Gonten will be playing the Knockout this Sunday, May 5. His music is slow, sad and sentimental featuring gentle string and smooth synth pads. He fits in pretty well with the bedroom pop wave; everything feels very DIY and personal, but his songs have a danceable (or maybe a sway-able) groove to them and plenty of catchy melodies to keep the audience engaged. His music video for “Corpse Flower,” a track off his latest album Truthlikeness (2018), is essentially just a video of him and his band playing the track live, maintaining the personal touch and intimate aesthetic that is conveyed in his music.

Von Gonten is backed by drummer Andrew Stevens, who previously played with Lomelda and Hovvdy, guitarist Taft Mashburn, who was a touring member of Lomelda, and keyboardist Adam Hirsch. Their gentle tunes fit perfectly with the intimate environment of the Knockout. If you’re looking for a serene night full of dream pop, pick up a ticket to their show.

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SEEMWAY, Gracie Grays, Ryan Von Gonten
The Knockout
May 5, 2019
5:00pm, $7, 21+